Things you may need to know about Nitroglycerin

Whenever you hear the word “Nitro”, you may either think about an explosive or a gas which boosts the speed of a street racing car. However, the one which is called nitroglycerin is also having another function, and it’s for lowering the blood pressure. If you visit you may be able to know that this compound can be turned into nitric oxide in our body.

By the time the nitroglycerin is being absorbed into our artery, it will be absorbed and then turned into nitric oxide. This substance is vital for helping our body to lower blood pressure as long as we consume it properly. As you may guess, this ingredient of explosive can actually be used for treating hypertension and heart diseases. Furthermore, stroke can be treated by letting the patient consumes the medicine which contains nitric oxide. So you may need to check out the supplements that contain this compound if you’ve got a problem with those diseases.

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