Main Components of the AC Unit

Heat Exchanger Air Conditioner Repair Grand Rapids MI. This section is a place of heat exchange from inside the cooling system to the outdoors. This component is the door that comes outdoors. In this component, heat is in the room released into the free air. After the hot temperature in the room is removed with the help of the fan, there will be condensation of Freon gas back into liquid form. The liquid will then go into the strainer to be temporarily accommodated before reentering the evaporator. However, this now not all AC systems use a strainer. You probably will not be able to distinguish how the AC is damaged and not, therefore you should be smart to see it from different sides and examine the signs that exist, if it is seen signs of damage such as air conditioning sound, no wind, it should you call Air Conditioner Repair Grand Rapids MI.

Freon fluid that flows into the evaporator will cause evaporation. Evaporator evaporation process will absorb heat to the evaporator surface, so it will feel cold. the cold that is then used by the cooling machine to cool the air temperature in the room. With the help of the fan and the expanded surface, the wind that blows through the evaporator will feel very cold to cool the temperature of the room. Thermostat serves to control the temperature so it is not too cold. when the temperature in the room has reached a certain temperature, then this thermostat which will then cut off the flow of electricity to the compressor. The cooling effect will only be done by the fan on the rest of the Freon around the evaporator. The thermostat will also reconnect the electric current for the compressor once the temperature in the room rises above the adjusted temperature limit on the thermostat unit.

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