Know more about diabetes

Diabetes is not just a problem for citizens in developed countries alone because this disease threatens the lives of all humanity in the world. In 1995, it was estimated that people with diabetes mellitus (Diabetes) around the world reaches 135 million people and estimated this number will increase to 300 million in 2025. More worrying thing is this disease is no longer the domination of old age group but also younger people. Even some studies have reported that today many teenagers are threatened with this one disease. The cause is none other than lifestyle changes that are too significant, especially in some developed regions. In the meantime, perhaps visiting will help you to find a great supplement for diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus

DM disease is also known diabetes/blood sugar disease is a group of chronic diseases characterized by increased blood sugar levels as a result of interference metabolism system in the body, where the pancreas organ is not able to produce insulin hormone according to body needs. DM is a disease in which sufferers experience a disruption in converting food into energy. After a meal, the food is converted into sugar which is also often referred to as glucose. Glucose will be absorbed by the intestine and circulated throughout the body through the blood vessels. In people who have DM the levels of sugar in their blood increases even beyond the normal limits of other healthy people.

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