Fantasy Land Ice Skating

In lieu of ice, the sky rink or ice skating arena used to use synthetic ice rink in the form of rectangular panels made of polymer with a smooth joint synthetic ice rink. Synthetic ice is commonly used even in countries with four seasons though, as an alternative to natural ice when it is not available or too expensive to hold. The sleek level of synthetic ice rink claimed 90% resembles original ice. Usually, the minimum age limit allowed to play is 6 years. In addition, of course, you must be in good health, pregnant women are not allowed to play on this synthetic ice for the sake of safety.

Before entering into the game arena you usually have to rent shoes, socks, socks, helmets, elbow protector and protective nape. The use of shoes and sweatshirts is mandatory as long as it is in the game arena, the article of synthetic ice will be dirty if visitors touch directly. The dirty synthetic ice will lose slick so it can not be used for ice skating.

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