Do You Miss Them? I Do

Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) a United States scientist inventor of electric lights and phonograph (phonograph). In 1887, Edison was interested in creating a tool for recording and producing (producing) images. Edison is not alone. He then assisted George Eastman. Eastman in 1884 found a film tape (celluloid) made of transparent plastic. The year 1891 Eastman assisted Hannibal Goodwin introduced a roll of film that can be inserted into the camera during the day. Movies that use roll is not easy, especially if you want to restore their performance to be a real picture and you can start it by converting with our convert super 8 to digital.

The tool designed and created by Thomas Alva Edison is called kinetoscope (kinetoscope) in the form of a hollow box to watch or peek a show. The Lumiere Brothers then devised new equipment that combined the camera, film processing device, and projector into one. The Lumiere Brothers called the new equipment for the kinetoscope with a “cinematographer” (cinematographer)

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