Determining AC Capacity Suits With Your Home Power

One of the things to keep in mind when you want to install an air conditioner or AC unit at home is to adjust the electrical power at home with AC capacity aircon servicing. Do not let the electrical condition of your house apparently not undertake the withdrawal of electricity for the use of air conditioning, because it means the purchase of your new air conditioner even be useless.

Then, how to determine the capacity of AC in accordance with the electrical power at home? It is also important to know how much power the electric current is available in your home. Generally, PLN provides only a few choices of Power Standards that are 220VA (1A), 450VA (2A), 900VA (4A), 1300VA (6A), 2200VA (10A), 3500VA (16A), 4400VA (20A), 5500VA (25A) and so on. Well, you just match the total amount of power your home electric current with the necessary AC requirements. However, of course, you also have to calculate consumption of the use of other electronic goods that are in the home. Not only determine the capacity of air conditioning according to your electrical power but also in choosing the best care services only our aircon servicing that can be relied upon.

In order for the use of electricity when the AC is turned on stable, then also provide available power reserves. This is because the initial pull of air-conditioning is quite large, especially for the use of non-inverter AC. Do not let every turn on the air conditioner, the electricity will actually go out completely. Realistically, houses with electrical power 900 VA to 1300VA can use AC ½-1 PK. Next house with 2200 VA can choose a combination of 1 unit AC ½ PK and 1 unit AC 1 PK and so on.

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