The Current Renewable Energy Source

Renewable energy sources, although this concept sounds still fresh, the fact has been known since the 1970s, in an effort to balance the development of nuclear and fossil. Simply stated, renewable energy can be defined as recoverable energy. In addition, renewable energy sources can also be interpreted as energy that can be quickly restored naturally, and the process is sustainable.

Based on the definition, all renewable energy sources are definitely also sustainable energy, because they are always available in nature in a relatively long time. There are some main ingredients on Earth that can be said as a source of renewable energy, one of which is solar energy. Currently, solar energy is utilized for panels. Well to support the renewable energy it will be better if you use solar panel in your home. The recommendation for you is the Melbourne 5kw solar system from energies as your home solar panel. In addition to environmentally friendly, using 5kw solar system Melbourne you will also get a lot of interesting promos and of course, energies is also one of the trusted solar panel company.

If talking about solar energy then it is actually not apart from the sun. As we know today that the sun is about four and a half billion years old and is expected to continue glowing for at least the next billion years. Therefore, this solar energy is at the top of the list of renewable energy sources on Earth. In general, solar energy can be used to generate electricity using solar panels (solar cells) or solar towers, heating buildings directly or through heat pumps, heating food, and heating water.

To utilize this solar energy, humans generally use solar panels or photovoltaic solar cells, which can convert solar energy into electricity. If the weather is overcast or at night when the sun does not shine, the energy that comes from the solar is stored in the battery.

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