Beware of Causes of Excessive Sweat

The causes of excessive sweating are numerous and varied. Everyone who experiences it will feel different symptoms. Usually, sweat appears more than the palms of the hands, feet, and also the armpits. Actually sweating is a mechanism that serves to regulate our body temperature in response to heat. However, if excess production can be regarded as a sign of health problems. Here are some things that cause excessive sweating in addition to sports or heavy activities. Visit our website to get hiperidrose tratamento.

The first thing to note is weight. Is the weight of a person who has excessive sweating in proportion to his height? If the weight has a comparison that is much higher than the height, then the person has excess weight. People who are overweight are easy to sweat more. As already alluded to earlier, sweat is the body’s response during the heat. When experiencing fever, our body temperature will rise. And sweating is a normal body temperature control mechanism. A person is said to have a fever if his body temperature reaches 38 degrees Celsius or more. When the fever, the body will produce sweat to be used to stabilize body temperature.

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