Basic Rules of Grammar Which You Need To Know!

There are some basic rules about Grammar (English Grammar Rule Basic) that we should know when learning English. Well for more details, it would be better if your courses in the best English lessons like you can find on Apart from that, here are some basic rules of grammar that you need to know!

Half of English consists of Nouns. There are two basic rules about Nouns that we need to understand:

The plural of the nouns is actually easy to remember, just add “s” behind the word, except for ending in “y”. If something like this should be changed to “i” and added with “ice”.

When we mention nouns once, we get used to repeating them again and again. This is where pronouns play a role. Replaces nouns. But keep in mind that pronouns should be:
Same in number and gender with the nouns it replaces.


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